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Spoken-word audio statistics 2021: Listener habits & demographics

Spoken-word audio statistics 2021: Listener habits & demographics

Listen to our top ten takeaways:

An estimated 193 million people in the US (68% of over-12s) consumed online audio in the last month¹, with the average adult listening for 1 hour 34 minutes a day². 47% of Americans pay for an audio subscription³.

Spoken-word audio accounts for 26% of digital listening⁴.

The audio publishing revolution is here, and we’ve rounded up some key statistics for 2021 to help you understand listener habits, demographics, and more. While most statistics come from the US, they reflect a worldwide trend towards audio content.

We aim to keep this article up to date with the latest data, including:

Who listens to spoken-word audio?

75% of the US population listens to spoken-word audio each month, 43% daily⁴

  • Daily listeners average two hours per day listening to spoken-word audio

Share of US digital listening time spent listening to spoken-word audio (as opposed to music) in 2020⁴

  • By age: 13–34 (22%), 35–54 (27%), 55+ (30%)
  • By gender: Men (31%), women (22%)
  • By ethnic group: White/other (27%), African-American (27%), Hispanic/Latino (22%)

45% of US spoken-word audio listeners reported listening more in 2020 than they did five years previously⁴

  • 79% of these listeners said they listen more because they can multitask, making this the most popular reason for increased consumption
  • 65% of these listeners said spoken-word audio is a productive use of their time
  • 62% of these listeners said spoken-word audio engaged their mind in a more positive way than other media does

How and where do people listen to spoken-word audio?

55% in the US listen via AM/FM radio, 19% via podcasts, 26% via other platforms⁴

47% in the US listen on an AM/FM radio receiver, 31% on a mobile device, 9% on a computer, 4% on a smart speaker, 9% on another device⁴

54% in the US listen at home, 30% in the car, 13% at work, and 3% elsewhere⁴

Searching the internet is the most common way for US listeners to discover new spoken-audio content, with 54% having done so⁴

52% of US spoken-word audio listeners listen exclusively alone, while 48% sometimes listen with others⁴

News audio publishing statistics

The most popular spoken-word audio topic in the US is news/information, with 62% of listeners having consumed this type of content⁴

News podcasts make up 7% of all those produced but account for 30% of top podcast episodes in the US⁵

Daily news podcasts make up 1% of all those produced but account for 10% of top podcast episodes in the US⁵

43% of daily news podcasts take the format of a deep dive, 24% a news roundup, 20% a micro bulletin, 14% an extended chat (US, UK, Australia, Sweden, France, and Denmark)⁵

The Daily, a podcast published by The New York Times, averages four million downloads a day⁶

News is the top genre for US podcast advertisers, accounting for 22% of revenue⁷

There were 51,406 news podcasts launched worldwide in 2020⁸

Podcast statistics

There were 885,262 new podcasts created globally in 2020, an increase of 280% year-on-year⁸

40% of millennials and Gen Zs rank their trust in podcasts higher than their average trust in traditional media sources⁹

How many people listen to podcasts?

31% have listened to a podcast in the last month: South Korea (49%), Ireland (41%), Spain (38%), Sweden (37%), Norway (37%), USA (37%), Switzerland (35%), Chile (35%), Canada (33%), Austria (32%), Australia (31%), Italy (31%), Argentina (29%), Finland (29%), Denmark (28%), France (28%), Singapore (28%), Netherlands (28%), Belgium (26%), Germany (25%), Japan (25%), UK (22%)¹⁰

53% of US podcast listeners listen weekly¹¹

78% of over-12s in the US are familiar with podcasting¹

57% of over-12s in the US have listened to a podcast¹

Who listens to podcasts?

US monthly podcast listeners by gender: 51% men, 46% women, 3% other¹

US monthly podcast listeners by age: 50% aged 12–34, 29% aged 35–54, 21% aged 55+¹

US monthly podcast listeners by ethnic group: 57% white, 13% African-American, 16% Hispanic, 4% Asian, 10% other¹

US weekly podcast listeners by generation: Gen Z (37%), Millennials (45%), Gen X (23%), Boomers (25%)¹⁹

UK weekly podcast listeners by generation: Gen Z (32%), Millennials (38%), Gen X (16%), Boomers (9%)²⁰

How and where do people listen to podcasts?

In the US, podcast listeners listen mainly through YouTube (26%), Apple Podcasts (22%), Spotify (17%), Google Podcasts (14%), Pandora (10%), NPR app or website (9%)¹⁰

In the UK, podcast listeners listen mainly through BBC Sounds (29%), Spotify (24%), Apple Podcasts (21%), YouTube (14%), Google Podcasts (7%), other (6%)¹⁰

In Germany, podcast listeners listen mainly through Spotify (29%), YouTube (22%), ARD Audiothek (15%), Audible (10%), Google Podcasts (9%), Apple Podcasts (8%)¹⁰

In Australia, podcast listeners listen mainly through YouTube (26%), Spotify (25%), Apple Podcasts (23%), ABC app or website (22%), Google Podcasts (14%) Podcast Addict (8%)¹⁰

Main ways in which people discover new podcasts (USA/Europe)¹⁰:

  • Recommendations from friends/family/work colleagues (37%/32%)
  • Searching the internet (27%/39%)
  • Recommendations or advertisements via social media (25%/27%)
  • Recommendations via my usual podcast app (24%/20%)
  • Recommendations or advertisements on other podcasts (21%/17%)
  • Promotions for podcasts via radio or TV (17%/15%)
  • Recommendations in newspapers/magazines (12%/14%)

Among US adults who have driven or ridden in a car in the last month, 30% have listened to podcasts in the car¹

Podcast advertising statistics

US podcast advertising revenues reached $842 million in 2020, and are expected to exceed $1 billion in 2021⁷

  • Half of ads last longer than 30 seconds
  • Pre-roll ads account for 22% of revenue
  • Audio-only podcasts accounted for 91% of revenue
  • 2.2% of podcast advertising inventory was sold through programmatic channels

Audio article statistics

69% of millennials and 61% of gen Zs think audio formats are one of the greatest ways to tell stories⁹

62% of millennials and 52% of Gen Zs think audio amplifies more diverse perspectives than traditional media⁹

Zetland’s paying members consume 80% of articles via audio¹²

SpeechKit AI audio article statistics

See our AI Audio Article Report 2021 for more information

Non-listeners spend an average of 30 seconds on-site, whereas listeners stay for 322 seconds (+973%)¹³

Non-listeners visit 1.17 pages on average, whereas listeners visit 1.39 (+19%)¹³

Listeners are 32% more likely to engage in multiple sessions than non listeners¹³

Returning visitors are 38% more likely to press play than new visitors¹³

The average new user who doesn’t engage with audio spends 2 seconds on-site, while the average new listener stays for 225 seconds (+11,150%)¹³

18–34s are 1.5x more likely to press play than 25 and overs¹³

35–54s who press play stay on-site for 9x longer than those who don’t¹³

55 and overs who press play visit 1.5x more pages than those who don’t¹³

Audiobook statistics

8% of adult British readers typically consume books into audiobook format¹⁴

  • 6% (16–24), 13% (25–39), 7% (30–55), 6% (55+)
  • 9% male, 7% female

54% of the US population (aged 12+) has listened to an audiobook⁴, and 56% of listeners are under the age of 45¹⁵

US publishers' audiobook revenue grew 12% in 2020 to $1.3 billion¹⁵

55% of US listeners say they listen most of home, while 30% typically listen in the car¹⁵

38% of US audiobook listeners are subscribed to at least one audiobook service¹⁵

Business professionals cite listening to storytelling (26%) and accessibility/time-saving (26%) as the top benefits of audiobooks¹⁶

Most business professionals listen to audiobooks while driving (31%), doing housework/DIY (25%), exercising (18%) or walking (10%)¹⁶

Radio statistics

89% of the UK population listens into radio every week, with listeners tuning in for an average of 20.2 hours¹⁷

88% of adults in the US listen to radio every week, with listeners tuning in for an average of 12.2 hours¹⁸

Have we missed anything? Email [email protected] to let us know.


The State of Spoken-Word Audio 2021 - infographic by SpeechKit
The State of Spoken-Word Audio 2021 infographic


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